Manifesto Monograph

Bridge the Gap

Brief in brief: Reflect on your motivations, inspirations, concepts, influences, imaginings, preferences, atmospheres, techniques, thoughts, ideas, directions. Try to convey something of your attitude to graphic design and art direction through your content and use of text typography, illustration, photography, layout, paper, format, binding.


I chose to reflect on my interest in letterpress printing, the very process through which graphic design was born. I stent a week in my uncle’s letterpress workshop using woodblock and lead type to create a series of cards expressing how letterpress has influenced my approach to graphic design. On the back of each typographic card a short blurb explains the thought behind it’s design.


This series is named Bridge The Gap, as I express my passion for bridging the gap between old techniques and new ideas.


In addition to the series of cards I created a short film documenting my process and a hand bound book of trials, tests and experiments.

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